Fiori Rosa Embroidery Tablecloth

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Romantic, elegant and nostalgic our gorgeous Fiori Rosa embroidery tablecloth is handmade by our skilled and passionated Italian artisans. This precious addition to a sophisticated home will enrich the look of a table for everyday meals or for special occasions. Part of the Embroidered Collection of exquisite home decor pieces is entirely crafted of 100% Italian cotton. The delicate embroidered scene that graces the ivory background is an eclectic combination of floral themes, rendered with liveliness in gradients of green and pink

Our stunning embroidery table cloth will definitely evoke a feeling of nostalgia.

Studio Medea selected this unique, Italian imported cotton tablecloth to gift you with mediterranean love.


• Material: Textiles - 100% Italian Cotton 
• Dimensions (cm): W 250 x D 1 x H 150
• Handmade In Italy