About Us

Having left their place of birth Milano and Palermo, Cinzia and Adele have been living in Australia for the past nine years.

Removed from their motherland and taking pride in their Italian culture, they seek to honour their Italian roots by adhering to their deep sense of nostalgia and poetic urges.

Medea emerged from an unquenchable thirst to capture the essence of Italian history and artistic beauty.

Perceiving the Mediterranean to have always been home to the Arts, Adele and Cinzia now pay tribute to their ingrained romantic and artistic history by hand selecting and importing handcrafted, artisanal wares.

At Studio Medea we strive to capture the essence of Italian history and artistic beauty.

We perceived the Mediterraneo as home of the Arts and we want to pay tribute to its ingrained romantic and creative history by hand selecting Italian ceramic, like our moors head, and handcrafted artisanal wares.

We focus on imported ceramic that will bring beauty and poetry to your home.


Teste di Moro (The Moorish Heads)


Moorish Heads: Palermo, 1000ac., there lived a beautiful girl, who spent the days caring for her plants. One day she was noticed by a Moor which immediately fell in love with her and declare his love.

The girl passionately reciprocated the feeling of the Moor but unfortunately she soon discovered the he has to return East where he had a wife and kids, feeling so betrayed in the middle of the night the girl blinded by her jealousy cut off the head of the man and created with it a vase where she planted basil.

The plant grew beautiful and luxuriant so that the neighbourhood started to create pots in terracotta with the Moors head features. This is the beautiful legend behind our moors head. Our imported ceramics are 100% made in Italy.

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Pigne (Pine Cones Pottery Lamps)

The pigna is a very ancient symbol. We find it in ancient Egypt, Babylon and Greece as an image of divine and immortality. Being a fruit generated from an evergreen, the pigna symbolised life force and eternity along with fecundity and regenerative force for the seeds it contains.

Popular Sicilian tradition believes that it is useful to give ceramic and pottery pine cones to hang over the door of the house not just as a beautiful art but also as a wish of good health and good luck to the family who lives there. If you have been lucky enough to be a guest of a Sicilian family, surely you would remember the beautiful Italian pine pottery lamps, a must have for any Italian home.

We also find these unique Italian ceramics on balconies and at the entrance of gates of ancient villas and noble gardens, cemeteries, facades of churches and convents, up to populating the thrones of kings and popes as a materialisation of the soul, the bridge that unites the earth with the divine.

Discover now our colorful collection of ceramic art and pine cones pottery lamps. 


Art Tableware and Dinnerware Collection

 Our art tableware collection featured masterpieces like the Antonietta dinner plate, by our italian pottery artist.

Handmade in Sicily, Patrizia draws inspiration from the magical island of Filicudi, her work pays ode to the island’s colours, smells, landscapes and sunsets; its old, stone-paved paths and dry-stone walls and its green-blue sea.

Those timeless ceramics will become a true piece of art in your collection.

Luxury Italian ceramic, porcelain, glass and marble dining sets hand-painted by the best Italian craftsmen in elegant designs and splendid colours. 


Fine Art Paper Printing (Print and Photo Collections)


All our Fine Art Paper Printing and photos are printed on a beautiful off white textured paper rated at 310 gsm, manufactured by Hahnemühle.

The beauty of these fine art paper printings will immediately bring the amazing italian landscape of Tuscany, Amalfi Coast and Milano to your home. All our fine art paper prints are signed.

Due to the imperfectness of film, grain will be present and more so in larger prints. All negatives are scanned at high res to reduce this as much as possible, but this is the nature of film and why we love it so.