Pigna Gialla - Ceramic Sculpture

Pigna Gialla - Ceramic Sculpture

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“Pigna Gialla” is our stunning yellow Sicilian Ceramic Pine cone, which is an ancient symbol of prosperity and good luck. A traditional well-greetings furniture complement for exteriors and interiors. 

This Italian ceramic pottery is entirely hand-made by our skilled Italian artisans to guarantee the diversity of each piece.

The peculiar manufacturing process that leads to the creation of our ceramic art is composed of six important phases: turning, drying, first firing, glazing, decoration, and aging.

All petals have been added one by one by our skilled artisans to ensure the uniqueness of this ceramic art. All the little imperfections make our imported ceramics unreplaceable pieces to add to your home.

Together with our artisans, we have been carefully selected the most refined material to ensure the best quality for this fabulous Italian pottery piece.

Pigna Gialla ceramic pottery is the perfect ornament for your home and a thoughtful present for your dear ones.

Details and Dimension

Colour: Yellow
Material: Ceramic
Dimensions (cm): H 25Handmade In Sicily
Handcrafted for you, ships in 7-8 weeks
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