Pigna Bianca - Pottery Barn Lamp

Pigna Bianca - Pottery Barn Lamp

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Traditional ceramic techniques and experimentation give life to this stunning majolica table lamp by skillful Sicilian ceramic artist. The intricate pine cone design gives gorgeous texture to this fully-handcrafted piece in a shiny white.
Lampshade included.

Each petal has been insert one by one by our artist and all together they give life to this marvelous pottery barn lamp. 

Since ancient times, ceramic pine cones, symbol already found in the Egyptian, Babylonian and Greek tradition as an image of divine and immortality, symbolized life force and eternity along with fecundity and regenerative force. Sicilian tradition suggest that it is useful to give ceramic pine cones as a wish of good luck and good health to your dear ones.

This splendid Italian imported ceramic will give to your house a touch of elegance and mediterrineane breeze.

Details and Dimension 

• Material: Maiolica Ceramic
• Dimensions (cm): W 15 x D 15 x H 25
• Handmade in Italy

Handcrafted for you, ships in 7-8 weeks

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